On trains

I haven’t posted in a while. I apologize for this. The last few weeks have been busy. To get things moving again, here is a small piece from my experience on trains:

There are two things that fascinate me about trains:

(1) Relative frames of motion. When sitting in a moving train, which is adjacent to another train moving in the opposite direction in the same speed, and one looks out of one window (the one facing the adjacent train) and compares it to the view out of the other window (the one facing general scenery), it appears that one’s train is both moving and standing still. What?! The conclusion from this observation is simple, though, profound: motion is relative. I can agree to this. But, then how does one measure motion? If motion is relative, then one has to measure motion subjectively; being relative to some thing means, in measuring, being a subject of and to that thing. An observer measures motion relative to his/her frame of reference, which is a subjective measurement. Which subjective measurement do you then trust? Is the train moving or not moving? If measuring motion is subjective, then how can it be a trusted scientific exercise, which by intention is supposed to be objective? Is science not so obsessive about its objective measurements?

(2) Trains are like small, self-sustaining Indian communities on wheels. Trains should be used as a venue to explore and push one’s cultural limits. Unfortunately, I have not been brave enough to do so. I will make a note of this in the future.


About Ranjodh Singh
I'm currently an Ally in the Public Allies New York Apprenticeship (www.publicallies.org). Through the apprenticeship, I'm partnered with NYCRx (www.nyxrc.org), a nonprofit organization that improves the health of New Yorkers using public health interventions. I'm excited to continue serving, but doing so closer to health and medicine. I'm also enjoying NYC, which I find to be an enriching environment.

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