Conversation on plans and happiness

I’m fortunate to have good friends who push me to consider new ideas, deepen my introspection and strengthen my stern self-examination. With permission, I’m sharing some conversations that I’ve had with these friends in hope that they motivate you, the reader, to have such conversations with your friends.

Friend: I have this huge problem making decisions and sticking to them, and I am trying to fix it. I am still not sure that GMAT/MBA is made for me and will help me become happier, but I guess sometimes execution is more important than strategy.

me: I understand. Some thoughts on what you’ve said…

A world map doesn’t represent the world. Equally, a strategy–which is a mini-map of life doesn’t represent the actual course of life. Strategy is based on the false premise that the circumstance that exists now will also exist in the future. Strategy is an ointment to soothe our mind’s discomfort about the future. Instead of strategizing, you’ll learn more by doing, but know that your happiness is dependent more on your being than your doing. Let happiness come from within and permeate out; not the other way around.

Rather than becoming happy, be happy 🙂

Friend: It is true that sometimes my uncertainties and insecurities drown me for a short time and I become confused, but generally speaking I am a happy person no matter what 🙂

Friend a few weeks later: For people like me who struggle in decision making, it is because we are too attached to the result- what will the outcome of the decision be? Did I take the RIGHT or the WRONG decision? In the little “spiritual therapy” that I did, this aspect came out very clearly. The realization that the notion of right/wrong is very complex and that it actually doesn’t really exist makes you detach from the result. So the “trick” is to take conscious decisions to the best of your ability but be detached to what the outcome will be. Subtle exercise, eh?

my response: I’m happy to see how you’ve progressed in your spiritual journey. You’ve come to realize through experience what the Gita says, “You have right only to the action, never to the fruit of the action. The fruit of the action should not be your motivation, nor should you be driven by attachment to action.”


About Ranjodh Singh
I'm currently an Ally in the Public Allies New York Apprenticeship ( Through the apprenticeship, I'm partnered with NYCRx (, a nonprofit organization that improves the health of New Yorkers using public health interventions. I'm excited to continue serving, but doing so closer to health and medicine. I'm also enjoying NYC, which I find to be an enriching environment.

4 Responses to Conversation on plans and happiness

  1. Manjulata says:

    Hare Krishna.. Its good to quote from Gita.. at least some remember Him.

    With the kind of taste for spirituality you have.. you will certainely enjoy Master Agyaatdarshan’s commentary on Gita, I am sure.

    May blessings of Lord be with you in all your endeavours..

  2. Krishna says:

    Brilliantly written. I really like the sentence -> “Strategy is based on the false premise that the circumstance that exists now will also exist in the future.” It makes so much sense. I am also studying the Gita and working on chanting the Maha-Mantra. Thanks for this nice post !!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Krishna. I am of the humble opinion that more important that studying the Gita is embodying the Gita in word, deed and thought. May this be the case for you 🙂

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