9 essential skills we should learn or re-learn

I recently read an article that discusses the need for children to learn nine essential skills: asking questions, solving problems, tackling projects, finding passion, independence, being happy on their own, compassion, tolerance and dealing with change.

I think these skills, or however you’d like to refer to them as, are thorough and invaluable to any parent raising children.

I’d like to add two things to this article:

1. I think the 10th skill should be “Connecting with self, community and nature.” Through such connections, we can exercise skills 1-9 to deepen our introspection, to serve our communities in humility and to live harmoniously within nature.

2. I personally don’t think I’ve mastered the above skills. I often take situations at face-value without being inquisitive.  When we accept a situation at face-value, we adapt to it, and by so doing, we forget that a situation is open to transformation. I also expect situations to turn out the way I’ve planned in my head, and by so doing, I forsake spontaneity. It seems to me that the older we get, the more we think we know the world and the less curious we become. There have been times when I’ve been dependent, lacked compassion, been intolerant, and lived as if life was changeless. I therefore think the above skills should be learned or re-learned not just by children, but by us all.

Are there any skills you’d like to add to this list?


About Ranjodh Singh
I'm currently an Ally in the Public Allies New York Apprenticeship (www.publicallies.org). Through the apprenticeship, I'm partnered with NYCRx (www.nyxrc.org), a nonprofit organization that improves the health of New Yorkers using public health interventions. I'm excited to continue serving, but doing so closer to health and medicine. I'm also enjoying NYC, which I find to be an enriching environment.

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