Reasons for blogging

It has become apparent to me that a useful way to assess your beliefs and learnings is through transparency and self-experimentation; the former promotes discussion while the latter sparks guided introspection.

For too long I have cloaked my personal, professional and academic careers from others. Transparency, I thought, was good for governments but bad for individuals. Stemming from my pre-med roots, I was under the impression that secrecy generated competition. Arrogantly I assumed that others didn’t understand me; yet, I never gave others the chance to so. I have realized that this was a misguided approach. Through transparency we can exercise our full freedom and potential, and foster an environment that gives seed to the next generation of sound global citizens.

I now, in experimental spirits, offer it all (well, as much as I can) to your kind judgment and scrutiny. The experiment is to adhere to the following MK Gandhi quote: “Hide not your thoughts. If it is shameful to reveal them, it is more shameful to think them.” Shameful defined as something morally wrong; morally wrong defined as something that demotes compassion and service for others.

The posts hereafter will include my ideas, thoughts, thought-experiments, interests, writings and any other pieces of self. You may question anything on any grounds, whether logically or capriciously.

To start: I took the picture associated with this post on the first day in Goa (6 Oct 2010) at Calangute Beach. I find the imagery relevant to my reasons for blogging. How, you may ask? This I leave to you to, my dear Reader.